Pear shape Opal and Princess diamond. Eternity ring. Wedding ring. 14K / 18K / Platinum.

Opal ring

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Hand crafted opal jewelry, ships out within 10 business days
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Opal ring
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The opal Ciel ring by ASCHERON.
Timeless diamond and opal ring by jewelry designer Ascheron.
The word " Ciel " means sky. The Ceil ring represents the feeling of freedom in an open sky. To be free with hope, spirit and peace.

Diamonds - The princess diamond measures 3 mm. Total carat weight of 0.18ct. Excellent GSI quality white diamonds. Ethically sourced.

Gem - Real opal gemstone. Pear shape, measuring 6 x 4 mm.

Band - Measures 1.8 mm wide and 1.6 mm deep.

Metals - Available in 14K / 18K, white, yellow or rose gold. Also in Platinum.

Shipping - Free shipping to US and EU.

Returns - 60 days.

Unlock the magic of the sky with the Opal Ciel Ring, a masterpiece crafted by renowned jewelry designer Ascheron. Inspired by the boundless expanse above, this exquisite ring encapsulates the essence of freedom, hope, spirit, and peace.

Glistening with elegance, this ring features a princess-cut diamond, measuring 3mm, with a total carat weight of 0.18ct. These excellent GSI quality white diamonds are ethically sourced, reflecting our commitment to both quality and sustainability.

At the heart of this celestial masterpiece lies a genuine opal gemstone, shaped like a pear and measuring 6 x 4mm. The opal's iridescent hues evoke the ever-changing colors of the sky, capturing its captivating allure in every glance.

Crafted with precision, the band of the Opal Ciel Ring measures 1.8mm wide and 1.6mm deep. Its sleek and delicate design ensures a comfortable fit, allowing you to embrace the ring's enchantment effortlessly.

To meet your personal preferences, this mesmerizing ring is available in your choice of 14K or 18K white, yellow, or rose gold, as well as platinum. Let your individual style shine through as you select the metal that perfectly complements your unique taste.

We understand that your satisfaction is paramount, which is why we offer free shipping to both the United States and the European Union. Experience the joy of unwrapping this extraordinary piece delivered right to your doorstep.

As a testament to our confidence in the Opal Ciel Ring's craftsmanship and beauty, we provide a generous 60-day return policy. We want you to feel completely at ease when making this exceptional purchase, knowing that we are committed to your utmost satisfaction.

Discover the Opal Ciel Ring by Ascheron and embark on a journey to the sky. Embrace the freedom, hope, spirit, and peace that this timeless piece represents. With its ethically sourced diamonds, genuine opal gemstone, and customizable options, this ring is more than just jewelry—it's a reflection of your inner radiance and a celebration of life's boundless possibilities. Order now and let your spirit soar!