Blockchain traceability for diamonds and gemstones

Posted by Ascheron on 16th Mar 2023

In today's socially conscious world, people are more informed than ever, and traceability has become a significant factor for consumers, especially when it comes to purchasing jewelry. Ascheron, a jewelry brand based in Ireland, understands that traceability is vital, and complacency is not an option. The company is dedicated to transparency and ensuring customers know the origins of their jewelry, reflecting their ethical standards. The future standard for the industry is transparency, and brands that are not disclosing their product origins and journeys are being complacent in ethical practices.

The importance of traceability goes beyond ethical considerations. Staying relevant in the industry is essential, and traceability is an area where brands can gain an advantage. Responsible Jewellery Council's (RJC) executive director, Melanie Grant, emphasizes the importance of traceability to modern shoppers. They want confidence that the jewelry they purchase is sourced responsibly and made in a fair and ethical way. Achieving sustainable practices can be a lonely road, but the RJC offers free training and downloadable toolkits to help businesses get started.

Collaboration is key to staying ahead of the curve in the industry, and Ascheron, as an industry leader, is committed to working with other brands to demonstrate their creativity and commitment to sustainability. The future of traceability is not far away, and Ascheron is excited to see creative practices like AI, blockchain, and visualization of impacts data in the industry. Companies like Everledger offer blockchain technology to track the journey of gemstones, ensuring all relevant information about their source and the impact on people and the planet is sufficiently provided.

The shift towards improved sustainability and ethical practices is driving consumer demand for lab-grown diamonds. With lab-grown diamonds, the journey is cut down, guaranteeing less room for ethical liabilities. With the current digital technologies available, companies can take the pressure off their consumers and ensure they can make ethical purchases.

As a jewelry brand, Ascheron understands the importance of traceability and is dedicated to transparency in their ethical practices. They believe that collaboration is the key to staying ahead of the curve in the industry and are committed to working with other brands to ensure sustainable and ethical practices in the jewelry industry.