Blockchain traceability for diamonds and gemstones

Posted by Ascheron on 16th Mar 2023

In today's socially conscious world, people are more informed than ever, and traceability has become a significant factor for consumers, especially when it comes to purchasing jewelry. Ascheron, a&nbs … read more

Princess cut diamond rings

Posted by ASCHERON on 31st Dec 2022

Engagement rings and other fine jewelry frequently have princess cut diamonds as the center stone. These diamonds are a stunning and elegant option for any occasion thanks to their square or rectangul … read more

Engagement ring styles, the solitaire.

Posted by ASCHERON on 31st Dec 2022

For many years, people have favored the traditional and timeless solitaire engagement ring. A single diamond or gemstone is set in this understated yet attractive design's band, which is typicall … read more

Jewelry terms C

19th Dec 2022

Jewelry is a vast and fascinating field, and there are many terms related to it that start with the letter "C". Here are some common jewelry terms starting with "C" that you might encounter: Carat: T … read more